River Thames Couple Shoot

An American Couple in London! 

“We absolutely LOVE all of these, they’re so beautiful! It was so wonderful meeting you. You are such a fun person to talk to and everything felt so effortless which is much appreciated by people who are semi-awkward in front of a camera! Thank you again. They have exceeded all of my expectations and are a great way to remember our trip here.”

Wes and Shelby – you gorgeous humans! What a pleasure it was capturing some memories of you here in London.

This lovely couple from New Jersey/Philadelphia were on their first trip to London and wanted someone to take some snaps of them – I happily obliged!

We spent an hour and a half chatting about our home towns, donuts, coronavirus (!), our love of dogs, our hate of Trump and more. It was one of those shoots that you don’t feel like you’re working because you’re having so much fun.

Thank you London for holding off the rain on this breezy Sunday morning!