Oxford Army Barracks Wedding

May 4, 2020

A pork pie wedding cake and lots of handsome men in uniform – possibly my dream wedding scenario?!

Rebecca & Ryan’s wedding day turned out a little bit different from what they first envisioned! Originally they’d planned a barn wedding the Kentish countryside where Becca is from, but when the venue didn’t work out they decided to get married at their Army barracks in Abingdon outside of Oxford.

The new venue though didn’t disappoint – when you think barracks you don’t tend to think wedding venue, but the building was actually perfect – big beautiful oak rooms and a magnificent dining room for the reception, plus it’s own bar!

Unfortunately due to lots of drizzle so we ended up snapping some group photos and portraits inside rather than in front of the wonderfully symmetrical building (always a photographer’s dream), but when the rain held off for a second we managed to sneak out for a (second) guard of honour shot!

Becca did not stop smiling for one second all day, and was just a bubble of happiness and fun! Hers and Ryan’s family and friends were the same (wouldn’t expect anything less from an Army crowd) and dinner quickly turned into dancing and a biiiig party!

Thank you both for letting me capture your day – and my first guard of honour photo!