THe one behind the camera

A bit more about me...

I'm Annie (as you've probably guessed by now) I shoot people at weddings. I’m guessing you’re looking for a little bit more about the girl behind the camera and who you might be spending your wedding day with, and to make sure I'm not a complete psycho!


I have a Sprocker Spaniel called Claude who is the love of my life

I’m a huge rugby & cricket obsessive (I promise it’s not that boring!)

I live for 80s/90s rock music and I’ve been playing the guitar since I was 7

It’s likely I’ll be crying/laughing during your speeches behind the camera

I have a Tentbox on my car and absolutely love to go on camping adventures any time I can!

Perfect Sunday: dog walk, Sunday roast in an old pub, Attenborough doc with a glass of wine

I’m fascinated by criminal psychology and will happily binge watch all crime docs on Netflix!

I avidly hate tomatoes and think they should be banned from society.

If your cheese board/cake goes missing at your wedding, it wasn’t me…….

Buy me a margarita and I'll forever love you.

….Oh, and I feel awkward in front of the camera too!!!!

Some background...

I was born in raised in Hampshire and come from a hard-working farming family, so the countryside is where I feel at home and what I love. Having said that, at 18 and fresh out of a rural boarding school, I was desperate to throw myself into city life and the unknown so went to University College London for a few months before dropping out and spending 18 months traveling around the world. Once I had the travel bug out of my system (does it ever really go though?!) I went back to UCL to finish my degree. I then worked in marketing for the music industry and then the drinks industry before going into wedding photography full time!

I always had a camera in my hand from an early age (left, outside the New York public library!) and when I started to travel more in my late teens, invested in a beginner’s SLR. Whilst working in the music industry, a colleague asked me to shoot her weddings which I agreed to but was absolutely terrified! Luckily, it went really well and I suppose the rest is history.

Some of my other favourite things....



Margarita (or a Negroni!)

Italy - la dolce vita...



The Speeches! (If they're good..)

Can't beat a roast with YPs!

TV Character


Rugby or cricket - can't choose!




Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

The Lion King