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not just how it looked

Lots of photographers work in different ways, and it’s important to make sure we're on the same wavelength in terms of what to expect from your photographer and your photos, so here’s a bit more on how I work.

Creative, reportage, documentary, editorial, fine art - there are a number of different names for my style of photography, but I like to think my photography is a mix of all these. I have a non-traditional, alternative & relaxed take on wedding photography. I spend the day trying to be present, observant and capturing genuine, real moments without barking orders or dictating how the day goes.

My aim is to capture all the moments of your day - the big, the small, the laughs, the tears, the dodgy dancing and everything in between. Put simply, I’ll have done my job right when someone who wasn’t there on the day feels like they were just by looking at the photos!



I won’t dictate or direct you on the day – I believe the best photos come from natural, un-staged moments, so I capture the action as it happens rather than intervening or asking you to stop and do something again. The same goes for your wedding dress, rings and any other important details – I won’t take your dress and hang it on the side of a building or in a tree! Everything is documented as I see it.



You’ll often find me laughing with your guests and getting involved in a fun conversation rather than trying to sneak candid shots from behind the bushes. I find this puts guests at ease and they relax around me because they see me as a person rather than just a camera! The best compliments I get at weddings are when people think I’m a guest with a camera rather than an official ‘supplier’. This means I’m doing my job right!



The only time I will direct you or your guests is during any group photos and of course the portraits. I know ‘portraits’ may sound daunting, but I promise you it’ll be quick, relaxed and fun with no horribly awkward posing! I promise to only ever steal you away from your guests for a maximum of 20 minutes or so, rather than traipsing around to different locations and making you pose in a hundred different ways. You planned a wedding, not a photoshoot after all and there’s champagne to be drunk!



I'll take photos of all the big moments - the first kiss, the confetti toss, the cake cutting. But I'll also take photos of the little things that make your wedding unique - Dad's dodgy dance moves, you Nan doing shots at the bar with the groomsmen & the roars of laughter during the speeches.





Do you take group photos?

How would you describe your wedding photography style?

I do take group photos! Like the portraits, I try to keep them simple and relaxed. I would suggest trying to keep these to a maximum of 10-15. Every posed group shot means missing a handful of fun, candid ones of your guests enjoying themselves! Upon booking, I will send you more info and tips on the group photos – with a bit of planning, the group shots don’t have to be long or tedious!

In three words – fun, emotive & relaxed! I am primarily a documentary wedding photographer. This term gets thrown around a lot but generally it means non-traditional, un-posed photos that follow the timeline of your day – from getting ready through to dancing. It means you get a story of your day rather than a snapshot.



What if it rains on the day?

I hate having my photo taken! Will this be a problem for the portraits?

If it rains, it rains! Unfortunately with the British weather, any date whether winter or summer is never guaranteed to be sunny and warm. It does NOT mean you can’t get great photos! Photos in the rain can be totally stunning and a bit different, as long as you’re willing to stand under a brolly for a few minutes (or no brolly, up to you!).

Absolutely not! The majority of couples (and people for that matter - myself included!) I work with aren't totally comfortable in front of the camera. Unless you're a model, then it's pretty understandable that having a camera pointed at you isn't the most natural thing. But I work in a very relaxed way and I work quickly - we will be chatting and laughing and you will most likely forget about the camera pretty quickly. And then you can get back to the party!