I am still buzzing and smiling from this wedding whilst I write this post!

What a VENUE to start with! I wasn’t sure what to expect rolling up a dusty dirt track on a sunny Saturday morning in the middle of nowhere, but hidden in the countryside of Norfolk Hales Hall & Great Barn is one of the most beautiful country wedding venues I ever did see.

Rustic cottages & a medieval candle-lit barn venue set amongst elegant gardens and hazy meadows make a super romantic setting for any wedding day.

I first met Chris on a big yellow bus in Nairobi back in 2011 as part of an epic 15’000km overland trip through Africa. It’s safe to say that he is completely mad, yet entirely lovable and insanely funny. Many of the funniest memories of that trip tend to involve him, whether everyone was laughing with him or at him…. It was amazing to catch up with a few others on the day who were also on the trip those now many years ago!

I didn't get a chance to meet Stasia before the wedding but all I can say is I hope we will be meeting lots in the future - what an absolute superstar you are! The perfect match for Chris - so kind, so funny, so bonkers.

It’s no surprise therefore that all their friends and family were an absolute joy to be around on the big day, creating a tonne of fun and unforgettable memories that I have tried my best to capture!

Chris and Stasia, what can I say - you utterly brilliant human beings! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day, it was an honour.