Frequently Asked Questions

I've tried to answer as many of the common questions I get below, but if you need more info or have more questions just get in touch!

• What style of wedding photography do you do?

In three words – fun, emotive & relaxed! I am primarily a documentary wedding photographer. This term gets thrown around a lot but generally it means non-traditional, un-posed photos that follow the timeline of your day – from getting ready through to dancing. It means you get a story of your day rather than a snapshot.

• What is 'full coverage'? How long will you stay at the wedding?

Full Day Coverage means I will be there from bridal prep through to dancing. This means anywere between 8-12 hours, depending on your schedule! I don’t have a set time that I go home; every wedding is different. I will stay until I feel I’ve captured your day how you’d want to see it.

• Do you take group photos?

I do take group photos, but I strongly advise you to try to keep these to a maximum of 10-15. Every posed group shot means missing 4/5 fun, candid ones of your guests enjoying themselves! Upon booking, I will send you more info and tips on the group photos – with a bit of planning, the group shots don’t have to be long or tedious!

• Do you do discounts?

I don’t offer discounts as it’s unfair to my other booked clients. I do offer payment plans for you to spread the cost of the photography over a period of time if that makes things easier for you!

I do offer hourly rates for intimate. weddings 7 hours or under.

• What equipment do you use? What if your camera or the memory cards break?

I use 2 professional Canon DSLR cameras – a 5D Mark III & a 1Dx Mark II. I have several high grade professional Canon lenses, a mixture of Canon and Godox lighting equipment plus dozens and dozens of batteries and memory cards. This means that if anything were to go wrong or break on the day, I have back ups.

I also back up the memory cards in camera so there is automatically a copy of each photo as soon as it’s taken on a separate memory card in case one is lost of corrupt.

• Do you charge for travel?

Travel is included within the UK! For weddings abroad, modest accommodation for 2x nights and flights/petrol expenses will be added to the standard rate.

• Are there any hidden costs?

All prices listed are all-inclusive – tax & travel is included, and I won’t suddenly be charging you extras you didn’t sign up for!

• Can you photograph my wedding abroad?

If you’re planning a destination wedding – I’m all ears! I love to travel and destination weddings are a dream to photograph.

• What if you're ill on the day?

Touch wood, I haven’t had this happen to me yet! However inevitably emergencies and illness do arise so I have a number of contingency plans! I will do my absolute best to find a quality replacement for you of similar style and quality. I’m a member of a number of photography groups and societies in the UK that have thousands of members who are available for last minute and emergency last minute jobs when the original photographer can’t make it. I also have two good friends who are incredibly talented wedding photographers and also on hand should anything happen.

• Are you insured?

Myself and my camera equipment are insured with both Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance. If your venue needs proof of this I am happy to send them the relevant documents.

• Who owns the copyright of the photos?

I own the copyright and thus the photos, but you have the license to download, share and print unlimitedly. This can sound a bit odd – “Surely because they’re photos of me and I paid for them, they’re mine?”. Due to copyright laws that’s not actually the case, it just means you can’t sell them or anything like that. There’s a good explanation here: which explains things better than I could!

• Do you provide RAW photos?

I do not provide RAW or unedited files. When you book with me I’m assuming you’re happy with my style of photography and editing.

• Do you have a contract?

I do have a contract which I will send you along with the booking form! It’s all pretty straightforward and much of it is explained in these FAQs, but if you have any queries just get in touch and I’ll be happy to go over anything with you.

• How long before I get my photos?

I always have your photos with you within 4 weeks of the wedding day. I know some photographers will keep your photos for months before you see them, which I’ve never understood!

My process is that I will send you a couple of photos the day after your wedding, so you have something to share if you want to. Then I will create a highlights slideshow to music with around 50 or so snaps and will send you this about 48 hours after the wedding day. The rest of the photos will be delivered within 4 weeks of the wedding day.

• How do I receive the photos?

You will receive the photos via an online, password-protected personal gallery. You will have access as the client, and I will also send you a separate guest access you can share with your friends and family if you wish. From here you can download the high-resolution photos as well as order any prints if you would like to. I don’t generally send USBs but if you feel you need one (you have a dodgy internet connection for example!) then let me know and I can sort it out.

• How many photos will I get?

For a full day wedding, I deliver a minimum of 650 but this is usually around 700-800. It can often be more depending on what goes down on the day and how many guests you have!

• What if it rains on my big day?

If it rains, it rains! Unfortunately with the British weather, any date whether winter or summer is never guaranteed to be sunny and warm. It does NOT mean you can’t get great photos! Photos in the rain can be totally stunning and a bit different, as long as you’re willing to stand under a brolly for a few minutes (or no brolly, up to you!).

• Do I need a second photographer?

I am more than happy and capable of photographing a wedding by myself. Having said that, a second photographer could be an option for you if you want some different angles and/or you have 200+ guests. I work with a number of talented photographers who second shoot for me. Prices start at £500 for a half day and £800 for a full day.

• How do I book you?

I will send you a booking form asking for a few details about you, your day and the venues for your wedding. Then you will be asked to sign my contract, then pay a 25% deposit to secure the date. For the full day wedding rate this is £400. You’ll have access to your own personal portal which will have all the details about your quotes, invoices, contracts and more so you can access it whenever you need.